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Going Green

A Smarter way to print high quality and environmentally friendly digital offset printing.

DI printing is the process of sending a digital file directly to a digital offset press. This process eliminates the production steps associated with film-based or other offline plate making processes. The DI press allows DPC to be more competitive in a market that continually demands faster turnaround time and shorter press runs at lower cost – without sacrificing quality.

Water Conservation: Conventional offset printing requires water for plate processing and the press damping system… DI Press Technology is a waterless procedure.

Chemistry-Free Imaging: The DI press also eliminates the need for chemical processing.

VOC-Less Printing: Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions have been linked to the breakdown of the earth’s ozone layer, contributing to global warming.


Significantly reduced paper waste: Significant reduction in paper waste achieved through DI Press technology. Paper waste is therefore reduced by as much as 90% per job.

Soy-based Inks: Soy ink is a helpful component in recycling, as soy ink can be removed much easier than oil-based ink from the paper during the bleaching process.

In-house Recycle Program: Finally, all paper waste is collected and recycled.

Going Green With XEROX

Xerox also recycles all Xerox branded imaging supply items. These single return items include select use Xerox cartridges, waste toner containers, empty toner bottles, and fuser modules.

Through the Green World Alliance collection/reuse/recycling program for spent imaging supplies; Xerox customers such as Deem Printing have helped keep more than 145 million pounds of waste out of landfills.

Our eco-friendly printing and copying services can take care of all your custom printed wedding invitations, color copies, coupons, Christmas/holiday cards and lots more. Call us today!

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